Verbvm Dei

Verbvm Dei Meca Israel Islam lshmaeli Coat of Arms of  Adagio 1 the reincarnation Jesus Christ the son of the Holy Spirit

  1.  “Verbvm Dei” another official world coat of arms at rest of Adagio 1st.
  2. It symbolizes peace between Israel and Palestine Judaeism and  Islam and their peace with the world.
  3. On top are two Holy Spirit Doves a Theocratic Emblem of La Corona Mexicana and one of the new flags and the original emblem of (EPSAT) a historical corporation of the Island of Espíritu Santo that represented Mexico’s new office of tourism while in transition.
  4. The Doves represent one Holy Spirit.
  5.  The Gold Dove in the Asian Tradition represents prosperity and the Silver in the Gnostic Tradition represents redemption of Jesus Christ.
  6. The Lamb without Blemish is a Jewish representation of Jesus Christ the prophecy of Isaiah’s suffering Messiah the Lamb without blemish who would suffer and die for the sins of the world and also be a conquering Messiah.
  7. Judah’s or the Lion on the Israeli emblem that is adapted and is now a representation of God the Father holding the seal of Islam¿s prophet born Muhammad ibn `Abd Allāh (محمد بن عبد الله `)   the first Aga Khan by power miracles signs and wonders the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and his reincarnation as the 5th Aga Khan whose star of Ishmael is still centered on the Golden Crown of Leaves and still in support of Ismaili Islam.
  8. In term of Reincarnation this coat represents the same spirit of man as reincarnated as middle eastern prophets,  messengers and kings starting with Adam the husband of Eve both of Miraculous Birth,  Abraham who like Adam a Father of Many Nations, Moses son of Yoshabel, Solomon son of David, Jesus Christ son of Joseph and the Virgin Mary, The Prophet of Islam     born Muhammad ibn `Abd Allāh (محمد بن عبد الله `) , Sir Hernan Cortez de Montroy y Pizarro the Conquerer of Mexico and by the the grace and power of the Holy Spirit and also
  9. Joseph Smith The co-founder of the Mormon Church by testimony of the three witnesses he being the fourth that is today called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Dei Saints.
  10. Lastly this peace coat of arms of the middle east of Adagio 1st reborn or born again in May 13 1964 in sector Libertad baptized  Jose Maria Chavira by Papa Paolo Sextus (cum Ipso en Monte) the genetic son of the humble Princess Mercedes Vasquez Chavira and His Royal Majesty Kareem Al-Hussayni- Aga Khan IV both genetic lines traceable back to his birth as the prophet of Islam and the Line of Jesus Christ,  King David and Adam and Eve,

The Desires of Our Hearts.corpvs to remember the our existence is not vain and never to take it for grantedRex Intima 01-son-altesse-royale-principe-jose-maria-chavira-ms-adagio-1st-nome-de-plum-jc-angelcraft-in-partnership-with-the-holy-spirit-41cropped-eve-my-first-love-the-bone-and-the-flesh-of-my-flesh-the-original-mona-lisa-smile.jpgThe Desires of Our Hearts.corpvs - to make sure we care for animals as God would have us do respecting their lives be they wild or domesticThe Desires of Our Hearts.corpvs to approach justice when justice with prudence and respect to our leader God our Fatherauctoritas-the-world-standard-of-the-son-of-god-and-all-that-beleive-in-gods-holy-spirit-and-the-preservation-of-human-and-animal-life-and-preservation-of-the-planetthe-angelcraft-foundation-for-education-in-association-with-the-yaweh-foundationangelcraft-crown-world-devlopment-foundation-corpvse284a2fundacic3b3n-jc-angelcraft-a-c-todo-con-conciencia-todo-con-el-propc3b3sito-todo-con-amorageo-angelcraft-crown-aeronautical-aerospace-corporation-corpvs (1)Prophet Muhammad seal Light BlueThe Desires of Our Hearts.corpvs to respect every good fruit bearing religion that comes from God our Holy Spirit made possible by lamb without blemishthe-desires-of-our-hearts-corpv-to-believe-by-faith-that-out-holy-spirit-is-a-mother-and-a-father-and-is-for-the-angels-one-holy-spirit-but-to-the-spirit-she-is-spirit-and-woman-respecti


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