Still under editing – New Chakra Sensitive Prayer for good mental and spiritual health

™ Scripture for Daily Living - Interpreting Hindu Prayers and Meditations  the 7 chakras in the body -the symbols ''Right Nirvana'' 1.Crown Spatial,2.Right Thought 3. -Perception-, Right Sipirit, and Right Enery


For quadriplegics and comatose patients.

In your chairs meditating in your Lotus position.  All stages of this Mantra must be performed in your mind.

paraplegics  your cultural prayer position touching minds asking forgiveness to our Holy Spirit the God of No Name for all things then  “Touching your forehead your “right thinking” soluting it with both your hands and your thumbs pointing your ears.

And In all things asking forgiveness and all repentance – Touching your heart for all friends and family and strangers that you love sexually and non sexually, but that you love with “right love” that you practice  in a Father Motherly or sisterly way  brotherly sending your good prayer and energy to all those of you around you.

Do it as regularly as you feel the urge to.


For wheelchair-bound people

Sitting int he Lotus Position with your feet crossed “Touching your Temples”

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