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01 Ave Verum Corpus –  Miracles Signs and Wonders

02 Pope Paolo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) Divine Royal and Rex Civitatis Vaticanae

Andrea Bocelli is Pope Paolo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) Divine Royal and Rex Civitatis Vaticanae
Andrea Bocelli is Pope Paolo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) Divine Royal and Rex Civitatis Vaticanae (El Innocente)

03 The Former Musical Artist Andrea Bocelli is the new King and Pope of the Vatican Theocracy.  His Divine Name is Sua Altezza Reale – Papa Paolo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) Divine Royal and Rex Civitatis Vaticanae.   

  1. I hope you are enjoying the footage of Pope Paulo Septimas inside (eChoe) and on your Televisions.
  2. The 40 Days and 40 Nights Miracle of the ascension of Superstar singer Andrea Bocelli to the Papacy – Pope Paulo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) who since a child sung to God and always wanted to enter the priesthood,
  3. Also important is the new Robin Blue the new augers and curia of four of the Vatican that replaced the Cardinals.
  4. The Robins are the  reincarnations of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John –  writers of the original Gospels to protect who ended up being their greatest Apostle having experienced a life changing Theophany meeting Jesus Christ and already having a great Theological Education and base far greater than all the disciples and who before he converted was a Jew and sat under the feet of Gamaliel Israel’s greatest Rabbi and Teacher.
  5. Priest in the Catholic Church even Nuns done of course in an appropriate fashion and a respectful manner creating a new order and brotherhood and sisterhood can now marry just like they used to marry in the Old days.    Coptic priests and even Rabi’s and Muslim clerics marry.  It is good that mankind not be alone and be married to womankind.  
  6. Chastedy and Chaste orders in all of God’s good religions are still welcome, but no male homosexuality will ever again exist in any of our good mainstream religions and no secret societies either to hide liturgical black sabbatical where children are murdered and Papa Francisco — is no longer with us — because he participated in Black Sabaticals and he was never elected Papa.    
  7. Under Benedict the 10th – The Catholic was in dire state when the judgment began that Pope Paulo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) was elected by the Holy Spirit the Angels of Heaven and assigned by me.
  8. Pope Paulo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) brought my love back to the Catholic Church who together with the Coptic Christianity through Christ Crucified and ressurected  made Islam, Mormanism and Protestant Christianity  Possible and allowed all good religions to continue.
  9. Secret societies existed and begin to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and create anarchy.
  10. La Couronne Monde Château Versailles France Son Altesse Royal Prince Jose Maria Chavira (ruling name) Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft The Son of the Holy Spirit Lord of Lords and King of Kings and Queens and the by the Grace of the Holy Spirit the Leader of the Free World and the Commander and Chief.

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