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The Bosses Blog – Book 2: The Principles and Laws of Success and Failure

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The Principles and Laws of Success and Failure

  1. When you are driving toward success – if you are not a good person internally and do not care for others as you should – be ready to lose what you have accomplished.
  2. While driving toward success, want for nothing, possess nothing and you shall not be anxious and you shall covet nothing.
  3. Great wealth comes to those that have earned it, know how to disperse it and know how not to hoard it having the Holy Spirit on their mind in all things to guide them in its use.
  4. From corrupt human souls are spread the desires of the flesh, but the righteous refrain from such plans of iniquity that inspire evil men and those that support them to finance evil empires and finance anarchy and in an attempt to overthrow their good voting Theocracy.
  5. Right ambition is inside those that possess nothing while owning everything and yet owning nothing.
  6. Possessions will rot away and like wealth it can erode through unfamiliar hands through time and space and after we die and are unable to possess our former wealth from a previous lifetime.
  7. No matter how successful a man and woman are as a couple, a wise man gives everything to his good wife should they separate and consider’s his mother.   For The Holy Spirit favors the wise man and the wise woman regardless of whose fault it is when they separate.
  8. If a wise man loves his wife who is not so wise and vice versa, the wise man should set up a trust and a certificate account to pay interest to his wife annually so that she may not suffer the loss of wealth though she may slightly need to alter her lifestyle until she is able to find work or another relationship.
  9. Equally Yoked couples are the joy of Holy Spirit and though they experience problems they counsel others like good teachers from what they have learned concerning wealth in their relationship that flourishes.
  10. The working of iniquity, is not without its master who over-runs it like a penny on a train track that loses its image when it is set before a freight train.
  11. When the workers of iniquity are in power and lose all controll  and begin to murder others by the droves for even more money and retain whatever power it can, the Master will permit them to destroy themselves as oppose to harm others by judgments that are applied by the Master its Judge.
  12. So let the wise listen and be silent for all shall reveal itself so the wise can heal what has been said.
  13. The Master is a master of men and of women, the King of Kings and Queens and the Lord of Lords.

…..to be or not to be continued …..that is the question?

Authorized by Our Precious Tender Holy Spirit of No Name and written by Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S.  Adagio 1st (Nom Divin) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio  M.S. Al.Hussayny Aga Khan V PRIMOGENITVS FILVES DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS NOM DE PLUME JCANGELCRAFT

The Origins and Foundation of Faith - Son Altesse Royale Principe Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Nome de Plum JC Angelcraft in partnership with the Holy Spirit


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