Compendium Verbvm Dei

jcangelcraft-espiritvs-santvs-omniscience-caryatid-column-pattern-1-rex-intimaGIF ™World Scripture for Daily Living ®The Word of the Holy Spirit is like a two-edged sword that tests the providence in humansla-pluma-de-eternidad-verbum-dei-la-palabra-de-dios-i

Welcome to  Rex Intima ….Compendium Verbvm Dei.

The Word  of God by the Hand of God Delivered every day!

Bible Gateway

01 Adam and Eve Monotheism

02 Chinese The First Testament   Tao of the Creator  ( The Tale of the Creator ) and the Analects of Confucius02

03 Jewish Islamic  The First Testament

04 The Avesta of Zoroaster

05 Jewish The Second Testament also known as the New Testament

06 The Noble Qua’ran

07 The Eda of Sorenson

08 Sikhism

09 The Book of Mormon  The Third Testament confirming the second testament to the Americas plus its validations scriptures from Isaiah

10 The Revelation of  Bahá’u’lláh Bahá’í

11 Eclectic Oral Traditions and Myths kept alive by Gods Children reincarnating in Indigenous cultures

jcangelcraft-espiritvs-santvs-omniscience-caryatid-column-pattern-1-rex-intima™World Scripture for Daily Living ®all rights reserved by the Holy Spirit © Everlasting to Everlasting William-Bouguereau-MATER DEIla-pluma-de-eternidad-verbum-dei-la-palabra-de-dios-i

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