Published on: Mar 20, 2014 @ 19:22

The Supplication – Ever-changing, ever.transforming ever-washing our sins away with the tears of heaven that fall on us like pears of wisdom when we we repent of our sins and do not cross our fingers behind our backs or vexing our Hearts to betray the Son or the Holy Spirit for selfish Gain or Pleasure for this is what Satanists do.

The Intercession, the worship and my prayer and adoration do I life up: This Day in Eternity, I bless thee my great Holy Spirit for showing me that the ways of the heathen our not our ways and our mysteries our not their  mysteries.

I bless thee Holy Spirit for though are perfect in all thy ways and thank you for all the good things I have including my little cat ministry and animal ministry I have from my small palatial condominium.

I thank you for all your support through Rig Veda music and song and for facilitating the saints of all your Institutions to pray for me during  all phases of our ministry of awakening the lost to the task at hand and their are many.

I ask for your blessing in the name that has no name, in the name that has no definition yet is perfect in its mystical entirety.  I thank you and receive your blessing in thy sacred name the name above all names.

Your Son Prince Adagio

VERBVM DEI AGNVS DEI  Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio Al- Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS  FILVS DEI

The Lord is my Protector In Whom shall I fear

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™The Word of the Holy Spirit is like a two-edged sword that tests the providence of humans

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