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Remus & Romulas Metaphor to Cain & Able or Adam & Even?

Rome was founded on the myth of Remus and Romulus. Romulus /ˈrɒmjᵿləs/ and Remus /ˈriːməs/ were the twin brothers and main characters of Rome’s foundation myth. (The pronunciation in English is different from the Latin original Rōmulus and Rĕmus).

Their mother was Rhea Silvia, daughter of Numitor, king of Alba Longa. Before their conception, Numitor’s brother Amulius seized power, killed Numitor’s male heirs and forced Rhea Silvia to become a Vestal Virgin, sworn to chastity.

In rome before the Church was the Church existed and Chirch existed through the Holy Spirit’s many good peaceful Gnostic interpretations and manifestations because of our widespread differences in culture, lanaguge and isolation from each other. And through a wandering nomadic angeis [souls or beings of light] incarnated as humans many came to know many good Gnostic beliefs that became understood slowly and gradually as the worship of the gods a mixture of real fail mixed with Idolotry.

The names of Idols in some cases there was the understanding the names of the Idols that related to different Gods as expressed by different cultures were the same Holy Spirit or [God].

The pagan interpretation of Remus and Romulus in greek frateral lore has been interpreted by men of secret socities to be metaphor to cain and able who.

In the Christian Monotheistic interpretation Remus & Romulas joined at the head and separated at birth were a boy and girl and metaphor to Adam and Eve “and the two shall be one flesh and one spirit.

In many cases wandering Nomads such as those that founded Rome were most likely rejected from setteling or put outside the camp for their religious beliefs.

Rome was founded by wandering people who slowly populated the area and had differing theistic beliefs and then gradually the whole of Italy was founded.

At times Rome warred agains barbarians who performed human sacrfices. At times civil punishments at Rome executions at cross like the one Jesus died were witched by the workers of iniquity. Rome knew many Christian martyrs and much sovereignty as well as corruption flowed through Rome througout its 1300 years of existances as a World Power. Today under the new pope Papa Paolo Septimas (Luce caecatur Iesu Christi) King of the Vatacin and Queen of Italy Alexa Fendi Rome has never enjoyed more peace than today.

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