Q&A Seances and the Occult

Seances are impossible.

Nobody can speak to the dead or call the dead to rise from the grave.

Well technically one can talk to a dead person, but when someone dies the spirit moves on immediatly and any response would be a false spirit conjured by wizardry or the clever use of electronics.

Seances are illusions crafted by Wizards or people looking to make money.   And no matter how many people they kill, Wizards can not make true their false spirits.

Wizards and the forces of darkness have no control over the after life or no say in their reincarnation or the reincarnation of anyone else.

33 degree wizard politicians or non politicians are spiritual charletons and hardly the enlightened masters they bill themselves to be.

There are many good and interesting things to learn about so save your ghost stories for your personal reading time, but do not take them seriously.

Adventure stories, history the classics, Holy books and prayer is great way to get off the Ghost and occult stories.

If I had to recommend one Charles’ Dickens’ a Christmas Carol is excellent.

Every day the judgment of God separates the good from the bad, the liar and the fool from the innocent. Everyday the judgment of God makes manifest your collective futures”  JC Angelcraft  

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