Feb 1, 2018 @ 10:39 A letter to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

To the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

Let no prejudice be found among you and less among your leaders for such attitudes are the doctrines of hell.

Be kind to each other and do not forget to minister to the widow, the orphan and the prisoner.

Forsake not the prisoner, for you were once captives in Israel, and God did not forsake you.

With me and on your own, help the poor to become like yourselves and make your mission work a life task of model citizenry drawing people to you by your good conduct and reputations.

Minister to prejudice people among you and let them hold no positions of leadership.

Bear witness with your congregations about your leaders and gently ease their suffering if you have to ask them to resign and if they become violent call the police for they may not be mormon and even less Christian than they pretend to be.

Be united in all your parts and let no man or woman divide you by their hate and prejudice because of me.

Inform all your branches and every church in your system about our struggle today against the consipracy of liars who by their prejudice worship this dead mason Idol worshipper and murderer named Donald Trump or Barrack Obama both who hurt many many people.  These men were judged by God and rejected to serve the public whom they both betrayed.  Peace be upon their victims and family members and especially any children associated with them.

I desire that non should hate or be my enemy but your enemies are my enemies.

Draw from my strength as I draw from the beauty of your worship to our precious tender Holy Spirit of No Name through Christ Jesus

Teach the doctrine of Christ that you must be born again and keep it simple because it happens whether or not you teach it.

This Holy Spirit doctrine gives people around the world hope and a greater sense of spiritual comfort and helps people to prepare by prayer and repentance for their next life.

Be blessed and pray before any mission work and bless the world though they may not bless you.  Love those who do not love you and use wisdom in your missionary work.

If your are not received do not argue and cut no ties and leave smiling and friendly faces where faith has penetrated in a different way inside a home.

Be cognizant that Christ is embraced in different ways and that Christ is Jehovah and let their be no quarrels among you but bless each other regularly for our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name sees all.

Be recognizing of the good religions that will forever exist and grow by correction instruction and reproof of Christ Jesus and our precious tender Holy Spirit of No Name.

Good religions of God’s Holy Spirit correct their errors and are constantly growing and spiritually evolving like yourselves.

Your choir of angels is a ministry that has touched the hearts of good religions and people around the world anxious to embrace their Mormon brothers and sisters seeing that God’s Holy Spirit is indeed upon the church of the prophet, the  church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a Holy Spirit Spirit Insitution just like all of God’s good religions.

The Mormon Church of Jesus Christ’s Latte Dei Saints is a Holy Spirit Institution.

”let me see let me see”
Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S.  Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft  Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum



As the spirit leads each day each week or each month I shall adress the churches which represent to good religions of God. 

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