We continue in our seperation from Masonry

 In Vatican city like the world are many palaces and like a Cathedral, a palace  or even a white house, a palace is a House of God from where Christ is supposed to rule.

Christ also rules from the heart from the temple of our souls wherein rests the Holy Spirit of God unbreachable and undefiable by anything we might try to  do to ourselves to spite God.

God’s Holy Spirit has every nations best interest at hand and mindful of any white supremacist destructive forces that may exist at any given time. and so I ask myself and I ask you, why do we allow such things into this world?

Masonry International always caves in to Masonry white supremacy.  Masonry did not win world war II.

We won world war II

And the wars we fight are always because of problems inside religion and that religion that is always a problem is masonry if not other forms of Idol worship where animals, children and humans are sacrificed.

Masonry hides its wizards inside our good religions and we must work to keep all forms of wizardry masonry out of our midst.

Both kinds of Masony murder and conduct murderous rituals.  This is satanism and in satanism the more powerful of covens dedicated to moloch or satan are those who murder the most.

In all cases masonry white supremacy – still masonry – politics, education and business are affected through a myriad of strategies that in secret intend to mutilate or destroy the human race and the bodies that angels need to occupy and live on this planet.

I think what should be understood are the efforts of men to make sure God fits in to their way of writing and their form of thinking leaving nothing to chance and keeping people as their spiritual political slaves.

In the world of masons the historical record of christ has been doctored and I grew up in this.

I grew up in revival and in a one-christ-world seemingly void of christ and filled with the lore and the expectation of the anti-christ and a world of atheism a ”new world order” filled with pogroms and massive death and the promise of more masonry.

I grew up in a world of ”Jesus is comming soon” and ”the second coming of christ” and so what happened to all the other comings of Christ?

What happened to the knowledge, the record, and the testament of Christ through the ages?  Then there is the renaissance a period where Mason historians mention every philosopher in the world except Jesus Christ or even Joseph Smith.

So then with all those beautiful masters paintings of Jesus and Mary for a period of hundreds of years, new revelations and testaments of Jesus Christ,  why else is it called the ”the renniasance” which means the ”rebirth.”

And who else’s rebirth can bring such light into the world?  certainty not some mason philosophers or even clusters of them who only give us hell, death and ”modest proposals”

What happened to men that they would end up as such degenerates some dressing up like women at night and wearing suits and playing politics during the day?

What happened to priests, clerics, monks and religious leaders who joined Masonry?

How could masons get us to accept their religious satanism then tell us we have to separate church and state and then deny us prayer in public schools?

Are we so below the standards of mason men that we deserve to be treated like cattle?

They see the pious, the poor, the white and even the non-white and the faithful like ignorant fools.

They bask in the records of history seeing how much more they can undue them with their heresy.

Are we so below the standards of mason men these heretics and Idol worshippers, these murderers of the human spirit and of the human race and even murderers of Christ to be denied to us the better measure of our histories?

We are to these men of secret societies like insects, unworthy of their company and to these men we are people who they feel instead of books we are in need of ignorance if not total extermination and in some cases both.

Do these men feel we should be grateful to them for murdering our brothers and sisters and trafficking our children?

Is death and suffering the price we have to pay for having a good Educational system and educating the common person?

Do the poor and the downtrodden have to die so masons can remain our masters at cnn abc and nbc or even al-jazeera where they disire we see them as gods and call them masters?

To these men of secret societies who pretend to like us, we are not worthy of them.

To these men of secret societies, we are not worthy of christ or of having a perfect world.

According to the rules of these secret society of men and people we must tolerate their lies, the killing, the holocaust and still remain subject to their political views and their interpretations of Christ, theology and even science and education.

They once controlled the educational world and gave us godlessness, chaos, evolution telling us we came from monkeys and killing us to make sure this system stayed in place.

Pretending to like us they undue us behind our backs.

These men of secret societies are false and they work to make us false like them.

They work to make us turn our heads and accept their murderous world.

They make truth an esoteric journey available only to the few.

This is called satanism a collective of people who would know Christ, who would embrace Christ while looking for a way to kill Christ so they can continue in their satanism where moloch is king and murder and mass murder is a way of life.

These men of secret societies claim to be the compendium of knowledge the ultimate scholars of our knowledge of Christ and Mary and even the prophet and would have us believe that our whole world owes its existence to Masonry.

These men of secret societies would have us be ignorant and deny us the true historical record of the incarnations of Christ and even Mary,

These men of secret societies impose male homosexuality on men and on young boys like it was imposed on them.

Of the worship of Christ & Mary, for the love of Christian Rosencruz and Athena,  these men and people of secret societies create religious cults to this effect where only the few are initiated and allowed in the secret inner circle where lie the secrets of power. This is also satanism, a system that looks small but is not.

Cults and small secret societies as well teach the few the benefits of power.

The more evil of men and people espouse to the benefits of power so that they continue in great sin, murder and all sorts of debauchery, while they say and they do good in their eyes to counter the bad that they do.  This is also satanism.

On the scales of justice the men of masonry and their collective of evil have been measured, they have been weighed and they have been tried and they have  been found wanting.

Today we add another series of colors to JC Angelcraft like what you see below at the Vatican and will be using these more and more .

The Vatican has been cleaned but its ghosts still haunt it on the internet

”let me see let me see?” ”ok wee bitty”

JC Angelcraft Vatican has been opened  https://jcangelcraftvatican.wordpress.com

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