This is our time

Dec 1, 2017 @ 17:33 This is our time in every good religion around the world and those that look to seperate us , try to control us, try to influence us no matter what good religion they claim are not a part of us.

Religion is a very touchy subject tight now.

It is a portal for white supremacy who are incline to retarded Hinduism and retarded Christianity, but they use all good religions to penetrate us with their white supremacy heresy.

Advice for all good religions:

Be very prayerful before you conduct missionary projects and operations in any nation and Force no one to believe by logic or reason but allow the Holy Spirit to work on your behalf.

Conversion is the Glory of the Holy Spirit and anything gained by reason or logic wells up pride in the missionary so beware of this.

Be kind, attentive, helpful in your missionary work and remember that kindness and courtesy go a long way towards leaving an impression to people who say no.

But after they run into white supremacists and their heresy they will remember the men and women who were kind to them and visited them just to say hello at times.

We must always be aware of false secular types.  These men of moloch and democracy these white supremacists and Satanists who try to penetrate our churches to defile us and our members.

But in all things show your love and your capacity to master them in the spirit that they shall know they have been visited by God’s Holy Spirit.

Though we support many people and their good creeds, we do not support their worship of men, any man, like Barack Obama or Donald trump to name just a few.  I cannot even esteem these men because the crimes they committed while in office and before they were in office.

This is our time and may it always be our time.  What you do not understand about JC Angelcraft and our Holy Spirit ministry make sure to offer it the Holy Spirit in prayer every day until you find your peace…even if you spend your entire life doing it. –  JC Angelcraft visits us @ Washington D.C.

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