….To attain a greater spiritual nature in your being you must give up the World ….

Escuda de Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1 - el renanciemiento de Jesucristo

To be a King or a Queen or Political leader in today’s world you have to be a spiritual teacher, advisor, counselor and know God you were chosen by God’s Holy Spirit to be both a King Priest and a Queen Priestess unto your nation praying fervently for your country, your world and your people and representing them to God our Holy Spirit much like an advocate discerning any treachery in voting and offering all your worries and  oncerns about your Theocratic voting systems up to God.  To attain a greater spiritual nature in your being you must give up the World and constrain your flesh and desires of the world. –  Adagio I

Commentary Gnosis The Buddha | Biography.

First – Siddartha was a devout Hindu whose teachings inspired the middle way and the road to Moderation and is still a respected influencer in the totality of Hindu religion.

Understanding Sidartha’s Internaction with Mara (Desire) one of the many aspects of God’s spiritual and physical creation – Our human body – one must understand that when it comes to desire and love, timing is everything.

Blessed is the man of God that can resist desire while praying, meditating, or preaching the word of God or even being about God’s business.

Siddartha’s confrontation with Desire was most likely during his 40 days and nights of temptation while meditating under the Bohdi Tree.

Siddartha’s confrontation with Desire and the female species was most likely accompanied by spells of lust and (Non-Lethal) enchantments of desire very common to the Hindu Way of life a life of Interaction with the Goddess for women so they can be appealing to a young man.

In Hinduism – Girls enchant God(ess) Brama Vishnu and or Shiva first and for most to attain the desires of their hearts and their flesh and the spells that give their relationship or their desire a little boost flow automatically from God the creator of Fermones – those scientific hormones that supposedly last for two years and are responsible for bringing together man and wife.

Take delight in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart – Psalm 37-4

Boys are forbidden to use magic or try to enchant God for favor with girls or men or other boys, but must walk in the Authority of Brahma their Maker like the men of Ancient Renown looking ahead to work of the day always praying in their hearts and meditating upon the Lord.

Let it be understood Siddartha did not reject women forever and never endorsed male homosexuality or a chaste life for long. An adamant Hindu – He advocated for living as a Hindu “the road to moderation.” But blessed is he or she that can endure chastedy and come closer to God as a result of it.

When men enchant God, it is because they please God and all goes well for them in work and in their family life or their lives as Chaste men or women in the service of God.

Those that practice darkness or advocate the dark arts have sold their souls for sensual pleasures and are like demons running to and fro on the earth knowing they have but a short time.

Those that look into the darkness and study darkness to understand it let them be armed with all of God’s good religions for every one has a darkness waiting to subdue them knowing their weakness of religion, of faith, and of pride and prejudice.

Prince Adagio (full divine name) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI SPIRITVS HOMINIS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT M.S. He is the son of God and the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Sidartha Gautama, Moses, Solomon, Zoroaster and Mohammad the reformer of Islam and ancient bedouin Monotheism the religion of Kings and Queens and of Abraham Issac Jacob and Joseph.



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