Yet having no gender, the Spirit of God envisioned man and woman

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Yet having no gender the Spirit of God envisioned man and woman —and chose the most tender of the two–to always bless the spirit of man with his divine right and yet still remained a Non Gender formless Holy Spirit that is both a metaphorical Mother and a Father that we might take comfort in a pure God that is pure Spirit and can be all things to us —without needing or having to have sex— in order ro help us master both our spirits and our flesh.

Maybe that is why clergy in many religions — as do nuns— fight to be chaste — so that they might come to better know our precious Holy Spirit –our God of No Name -whose greatest portion remains untainted by the mortal flesh incarnations and an unincarnated Holy Spirit is for many of us peace mind, yet despite all, being so in tune with everyone of our lives, I am certain that God our Holy Spirit feels every sin we committ, but is offset by the many good people and good children of the world.

This is why it is good to reincarnate so that souls becomming young again though we have displeased God in some of our lives, God can enjoy our souls again as young children in new suits hoping the best for us each time and making sure we get a fresh start.     



AGNVS DEI I - Coat of Arms of Prince Adagio

Mystical religious pondering of the day.

Because of Manly pride —all the best monarchs have been predominantly men.  Histories and legends and are a penned and even changed to reflect male dominance.

There are portraits of Infanta’s in French History that somehow end up growing up to become ugly men.  And the Legend’s and France’s Theocratic and Monarchial Legacy of “King Louies” may have a “Louise” as  in  Ana Louise or Louis’ Ana (Louisiana)  mixed in their somewhere.

One interpretation of the name Louisiana is that King Louie of France’s  love for a woman named Ana has to do with the name of the state Louisiana in the United States of America most likely named by Joseph Smith who reestablished the world and set it on fire with the Book of Mormon retaining in his wake  as much world religious doctrine that his believers could digest.

The second interpretation of “Louisiana” might be is an effort by French and British historians to hide the identity of Ana-Louise to confuse her when God awakens the majestic to one of our reincarnations.

A third interpretation is that both are true.

In the movie the Kingdom of Heaven and the Encyclopedias King Baldwin  -the Man in the Iron Mask – is recorded as being a man.

Baldwin — may in fact — have been a Twin sister to a Brother who remained in France while his sibling went off to do the impossible, wrestle away Jerusalem from the Muhammadans – and succeeded.

If this is true scholars would write Jerusalem would have already been conquered by a men –should it ever be discovered the contrary–before Baldwin’s arrival.

As it goes Fallen angels and their hate for women have it today recorded that – Saint Joan of Arch who carried only a Banner— was supposedly executed by the French under the authority of “The Vat” who labeled her a Heritic after leading France to victory – then the Holy Spirit made her Catholic Saint afterwards.

Back the Jerusalem – 1000-1100 Ano-Domini – and the movie the Kingdom of Heaven.

It may be that Baldwin might not even have been a leaper —and if Baldwin was a women —Men would have needed her to wear a Mask so that they would not be shamed as to be led by a women in war.

– written always with love for the truth – by JV AGVS DEI VERBVM DEI – Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.  PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII

References – Love for the Truth, Love for my Children, Love for the Encyclopedia Britannica History of the Crusades, and Love for the movie the Kingdom of Heaven and Love for God’s Holy Spirit

Baldwin of France - Scripture for Daily Livingthe-completeness-of-god

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