Woman: To Whoo men: One of a series of Judgement Proclamations by God’s first born son Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni – Adagio I

Rembrandt 1630 The Prophet Jeremiah Mourning over the Destruction of Jerusalem
The Prophet Jeremiah Mourning over the Destruction of Jerusalem – Rembrandt 1630- Even prophets like Job and Noah have lost entire their families and extended families in judgment despite intervention and Intercession. With free will comes the responsibility of your own actions- AGNUSDEI Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Kareem Al-Hussayni- Npme de Plume JCANGELCRAFT—-[- -Principe Adagio 1

To Whoo men:

Men especially satanic gay men should not look to sexualize God or ask God for validation of Gay authority or ask God for a Gay god or even a satanic gay angel.

Before me or before God’s throne in Heaven for the second judgment after I have judged the worst of you for your bashing of regular men and your chemical rapes not to mention your human sacrifices.

Satanic and regular Gay men must stand as men before God.

Because of the satanic homosexual conspiracy God is not pleased and has been insulted and God’s omniscience is better used with the saints rather than people who defy the fruits of the spirit and gifts of God..

Like regular humans- regular Gay men- must also work at learning to resists magic and live in committed relationships with one man if they are unable to change back to their natural born state.

There is “NO GAY GENE.” And Both types of humans that are in defiance to God either morally, spiritually, or both straight or homosexual shall not long endure during a Judgment where no respect is given to God and worse yet the mockery of your defiance you make a public affair.

Your gay You-Tube commercials, I hold as evidence against you as an ignorant attempt to make my Father’s series of Books known as the Bible as an intentional effort to selectively criticize writings that may have been changed by Satanic Gay Wizard scholars who were serious in their defiance unlike your own.

And against you I hold the fact that you fail to make no mention of the Grace and forgiveness that has been shown to humans like you generation after generation. Your video reveals to the world that you do not even consider that you do not have what it takes to know God before attempting to criticize God.

Your video reveals to the world your lack of wisdom and respect for even yourselves for even if as you say God’s diary is embarrassing that embarrassment is shown to world through you. What is not shown re your standard Gay men whom it is hard to tell their sexuality that suit and collar satanic government gay male that just will not give up.  I commend you to God, for evaluation and reproof before accepting responsibility for your judgment, hoping you make Reincarnation knowing you are a product of your environment.

As to your you tube group, you have nerve to place on angels wings, and a bed so that you can lay with each other according to your own understanding.

Your lack of holy scholarship in all God’s assembly of books reveals to the world your desires are to live in a Godless world and that place is called hell and hell hath no king, no demons, no sex slaves, and hell maketh prisoners even of all your evil idols even democracy is put in check in hell.

May God/Allah’s Holy Spirit and my Holy Brothers and Sisters be pleased with my assessment of the disrespect given to our Father the Holy One of Israel and of Mecca that are the keepers of monotheism that strive hard to understand the God the Father, God the Mother unlike their Hindu Brothers that know Brahma’s holy spirit separated into mankind and womankind and is still Brahma.

I Jose Maria Chavira Kareem Al-Hussayni – Adagio I – accept responsibility for the earthly judgment of the next segment of evil and prejudice humans to whatever degree that pleases our Non-Gender God and I pray that God edit it and show Mercy to this next generation that is to be judged that they might reincarnate.



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