“What is “Conspiracy of Kingdoms” and “Conspiracy of Lies” and what do they mean to me as an “American: or a citizen of this planet – Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I

God is all Knowing -  Jose Maria Chavira - Adagio I
God is all Knowing – Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I

Tools to protect our world:  “Those that conspire to send humans to war under a false authority, are revealed, by their logic, their countenance, their hypocrisy, and their magical spells that create false spirits who pretend to be the still small voice of God or some Demon” whatever works to win or drive fear into humans that are honest and good.”

–  Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I

A Criminal Conspiracy is defined as two or more people working in collusion to commit a crime.

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms” is hereby understood today as a criminal conspiracy by two or more governments of any classification working together to:

1. continue in murder by rite of human sacrifice or otherwise regular murder to hold political power and office.

2. cover up mass-murder by a magical society using a conspiracy of lies for purposes of governing and to retain or attempt to institute political power and office.

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms”  is a prophecy that has been in our midst for a long time.

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms” is a satanic paradigm that has been worked and reworked over and over again throughout history getting bigger and larger every time as the more angelic souls and beings incarnate.

As human lives are destroyed and souls are judged during a “Conspiracy of Kingdoms”  in judgments throughout history most are related to wars that are fought between countries

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms” was a covenant once made by Lucifer with his followers that in exchange for their soul and worship –something he had no rite or authority to do– he promised earthly power and riches by magical rule’s “rite of human sacrifice.”

The Talmud or Torah and various Holy books and writings –either destroyed or edited unethically -describes the struggle of God’s son’s and daughter’s- fighting against the tide of the surrounding kingdoms that practice the rite of human and child sacrifice.  Sometimes the cultures of human sacrifice war against each other and usurp each others idols and always try -if they can– to confuse, misinterpret or erase scripture in order to destroy the monotheistic faith that exists innately in every culture and in every human.

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms” accounts for many wars and as such we should read spiritually into the wars we have historically recorded with prayer always asking the holy spirit to help us understand things from a Godly perspective one that is always higher than a human perspective.

By a spirit of divination or oral tradition is, the “Conspiracy of Kingdoms” reintroduced to earth at every possible chance by fallen Angels and their angelic disciples whose master has been judged forever.

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms” is a black covenant that was invented by Lucifer a long time ago with his angels and is a pact that promises power and wealth to those that sell their souls and conspire in groups to kill their fellow angelic brothers in the flesh and in the spirit.

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms” has been reintroduced by fallen angels at various periods throughout history, is responsible for many wars and uncovered each time by various male and female prophets working with God’s Holy Spirit.

“Conspiracy of Kingdoms”  is always defeated by good angelic beings –thats us– with with help of the God of Adam and Eve who is our non-gender God with no name known historically as the Great “I Am” that in todays term is a being verb meaning “I Exist” or in context , ” I Am Existence.”

“Conspiracy of Lies”  is secular support to “Conspiracy of Kingdoms”  and  “Conspiracy of to commit Hypocrisy” is the spiritual and physical support to “Conspiracy of Kingdoms.”

For lost souls that have succumb to “wrong ambition,” The “Conspiracy to Commit Hypocrisy makes breaking legal codes and laws to get away with it a priority.

Because secular and theocratic monarchies are both divine and blessed of God, the “Conspiracy to Commit Hypocrisy” makes infiltrating all religions and government a priority to fallen angelic beings that are incarnated all around us.

Succeeding in the acts of murder that for some is defined as “the rite of human sacrifice,” requires success in Conspiracy to Commit murder supported spiritually by a successful acts of “Conspiracy to Commit Hypocrisy” along the acts of  “Conspiracy to Lie”

These conspiracies working together in collusion is what empowers humans with wrong ambition physically, and psychologically to get, keep and retain political power.

If it has not been changed, the Magna Carta should also have something concerning this written within its framework as it was inspired by God to protect his children from these these four conspiracies working together in collusion.

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