“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”

Divine Authority and Supernatural Power of God is given unto Jose Maria Chavira - Adagio I
Divine Authority and Supernatural Power of God is given unto Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I

Isaiah Chapter 40 Verse 31

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;

and they shall walk, and not faint.

From the Book of Isaiah Chapter 40 Verse 31

Written in the middle English the language of King James

King James Version Bible

I am by my nature and academic background a psychologist.  To be a good psychologist you must study hard.  To be a great psychologist you must believe in God.  If not then were does your love for healing come from because love comes from God and God facilitates intuition and insight into human nature.   God cannot be disrespected and psychologists or anyone is ignorant to think God that should give powers of insight equally to those that worship demons and those that worship God.

It is hard for me to believe in Atheism, because in order to believe in Atheism an Atheist has you to admit that in order for their creed to be valid a reference point is needed or required the belief to exist.

As of Sunday 31 2013 of March Miriam Websters defines Atheism for adults as

1 archaic : ungodliness, wickedness   2 a : a disbelief in the existence of deity b : the doctrine that there is no deity

As of Sunday 31 2013 of March Miriam Websters  student Dictionary defines atheism defined for kids in the following manner »  

Miriam Webster Student Dictionary:  Main Entry: athe·ism  Pronunciation:  primarystressamacr-themacron-secondarystressiz-schwam -th-iz-m  Function: noun : the belief that there is no God  – athe·ist  /-th-st/ noun  – athe·is·tic  /-th-is-tik/ adjective   Pronunciation Symbols

Miriam Websters Origin of ATHEISM Middle French athéisme, from athée atheist, from Greek atheos godless, from a- + theos god First Known Use: 1546.

Greek Fraternities like Skull and Bones whop worship Athena and offer human sacrifices to her – may root their beliefs in atheos or a-theos meaning against or anti-God and use Athena as their front or code to tell people she is not related to the Wicca Goddess.  Think of  a-theos as anti-God like ‘ a-social behavior in children a diagnosis that means anti-social behavior is present in the child.

Now members of Greek Fraternities who worship Athena Athe·na noun \ə-ˈthē-nə\ Definition of ATHENA : the Greek goddess of wisdom —is a complete farce because of they did, they would know it is wrong to perform human sacrifice rituals.

  In Greek, Latin and English when the letter to “a” in word atheos is inteded to mean anti-God.  Atheos in spirit is related to anathema which means 1 a : one that is cursed by ecclesiastical authority b : someone or something intensely disliked or loathed —usually used as a predicate nominative <this notion was anathema to most of his countrymen — S. J. Gould> 2 a : a ban or curse solemnly pronounced by ecclesiastical authority and accompanied by excommunication b : the denunciation of something as accursed.  Thus for Fraternity men in their magical thinking ways Athena becomes a cover for anathema as well because they know that by hwta they do they are accursed of God and now have but a short time left on the earth to do their worst, But Holy angels are ready to meet them in the judgment and they know this.

The greek word godless a-theos was never a more correct in its  interpretive relationship to atheism because Athena is not a god yet she is offered human sacrifices by Greek male fraternities  who in their incessant magic keep asking me to recognize her and accept the Wicca goddess  because they need a reason to kill and do not want to give up their magical culture.   Supposedly one aspect of human sacrifice is intended to create a Wicca female diety but makes a demon instead who if it is Gods will the soul is transformed into a false spirit judged and condemned by their own choice to non-existence and the termination of their eternity and eternal natures is complete.

If there exist an atheist psychologist, I would stay far far away from them for there are a regiment of implications to word atheism.  First and more important definition of Atheism according to Miriam Websters is the definition for for adults that means wickedness and ungodliness and who would want to be counseled by someone who is wicked or evil and what agencies who know that there are atheist psychologists, psychiatrists or even social workers would license people in the cariung and nurturing industry who are by their creed evil?

If I had to see a psychologist, it would be a secular psychologist that believes in God and all of God’s institutions without any form a prejudice and many Jewish or Hebrew Psychologists think like I do when it comes to respecting the human race and having respect for other religions.

After being bombarded with “War on Terror” lies and assigned duty and given profiles and support as a special agent in the protection of the United States, I had to question my orders for purposes of ethics and getting down to real problem with terrorism and in the end it was us who where the terrorist and our own presidents and world leaders who theorize their International Fraternities betrayed their own nations with many human sacrifices the worst being the World ±Trade center twin tower bombings that after a good study and analysis I learned the truth of democracy by demons is not conducive to a good monarchy, sovereignty or federalist republic et al.

After a standard duty surveillance of a Mosque in Seattle in an unmarked car I reported a meeting at the mosque between two men the most important detail was that one was a tradesmen in the electrical industry whose work van was a potential nightmare if he were giving technical support to any terrorist cell and his Van was very well equipped and supplied.  The problem was I was also pulling double duty and lived in a house with a real satanic serial killer and the FBI was monitoring the house as was the DEA.

Since my talent was unique I worked for several agencies simultaneously but my nature as a psychologist always questioned why they did not focus me on a special project and give me a team to direct and work with.  Bob was great in his passive support but it was not enough.  I soon Discovered my other roommate Ge0ge Clear who kept a police officer girlfriend very close to him may also have been a serial killer as well.    After stealing my profile documents and giving them to his girlfriend, he confirmed my cover as commander Jonathan Wright US naval Intelligence was legitimate and began to test my intelligence but revealed that despite having a 180 IQ on the Wasler scale he did not trust his own intelligence.   Serial killers love to make friends with police officers and in some cases stay very involved offering to help solve the case they were responsible for.   Having had surveillance on us, both of them should have been investigated after faking my own death something I was taught to do to provoke an investigation in the place that I was working.

In hindsight I remember the Muslims talking  peacefully and openly in front of their mosques while under my surveillance and in my house in Kirkland I played cards with a nightmare of crime by Americans against Americans who kept their habits secret but Kirk’s mail orders of clothes, his beloved shovel and his aggressive personality was an easy read compared to George.   There were many instances in my career as a special agent where there should have been more contact than just Bobs CIA resume and Labrador that he assigned to me a warming sign for Kirk and they all should have complained but their fear revealed they suspected a very special police dog was in the house that did not bark at the smell of marijuana.  The Labrador messed up the carpet and did anything the Lab wanted, of course I cleaned up but no one ever complained and they should have because Rocky slept anywhere he wanted.

With time I felt bewildered having to read into everything and wanting concreteness searched for it and discovered that the my country and later Mexico was headed in the wrong direction and the people were getting lied to and good special agents were either killed or not allowed to talk to me directly because Intelligence work requires you top read the magic and follow the reads that why it is top secret.  But with time mild reads turned into hellish black magic, harassing spirits and consent threats of death most likely coming from Guantanamo Bay and later the Florida Everglades.   Here the God factor made me a PHd in forensics and trained me in areas I was not supposed to be trained in such as serial killing investigations how to read photographs placed on my computer by God of things and people that in the secret places that validated everything told me by the Holy Spirit.  Next was studying government codes and programs designed to place and retract information on your computer without you knowing  and many other things like determining when magic was used to hack my computer and when it was physical.

The God Factor taught me the truth about “War on Terror” and right reasoning led me to see the fact that there exist on our planet more than 3 Billion Muslims and they are not all warmongers and terrorist?  How could God or why would God create such a huge terror culture?  God would not.  But wizard masons made them more terrible and terrible by the day and Americans bought into it.

Being the son of God carries with it great responsibility discernment and understanding that people who believe in Jesus may not believe in his incarnation as me.  I have no problem with this . My duty is to use my Non gender God’s power the way I was trained and taught to use it and come in power and in might Gods way and not the way people think.  We must as Christian believers pay for our prejudices, lack of prayer, lack of discernment, and grow in the word before you get the perfection you so expect in Jerusalem.   It never said in Revelations how I was going to incarnate and all my incarnations are created to make you grow in your faith, reduce your prejudices and give help where it is needed most  Free will right?  God is not going to do everything for you or over pamper you.  God is the perfect parent who placed many excellent male role models in my life so not one could take credit but God in my upbringing.  Jose Maria Chavira  Adagio I




The Police Force or the Armed Forces are nothing without the Force behind their creation and are protectors of the world when under the Sovereign force that is God as opposed to the demon of war who gets into everyone business based on the conspiracies of lies by wizard politicians who always need a war to be going on in the world.

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