Divine authority is wisdom and supernatural power that overrides all hypocrisy and legalism – Jose Maria Chavira Adagio I

Divine Authority and Supernatural Power of God is given unto Jose Maria Chavira - Adagio I
Divine Authority and Supernatural Power of God is given unto Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I

Divine authority is wisdom and supernatural power that overrides all hypocrisy and the legalism of this world.

Since God knows what is good for the world, nations get a chance to give God and God’s son overriding power into their constitutions, but this is not necessary for God or God’s son to take physical, legislative, executive, and spiritual authority over the earth and it has been done so by faith already.

The Divine Authority and the Power of Providence of God is intended through the judgments of the son to eliminate a murderous system of magic and to destroy what is known as “conspiracy of lies” if men or women are unable to or do not want to.

God reserves the right to judge any man or woman God deems on heaven and earth.  The son accepts all responsibility for all judgments be they his or God’s so that God who is Father and Mother to us all’s reputation may not be blemished for trying to protect innocent men women and children from murderous wizards and murderous men and women.

I  Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I – thank God for Blessing and editing the judgment and by God’s permission, grace and power I am the resurrection and the life as is God who is one with me.

By Divine Authority God’s power overrides anything that God or God’s Son wants because its better for the world.

By Divine Authority God defends his first born without his knowledge and without him having to ask. This is known as Divine protection for him and as such he has no fear of death.

By Divine Authority, God and God’s son legislates and edits laws that are good for the people and enforces them when country’s do not.

By Divine Authority anyone can be placed in Jail by God or by the Son and are remanded to jail until they can be questioned by the Son of God for their crimes.

Divine Authority with supernatural power can only be wielded by God and the son of God for purposes of law when justice and government fails to enforce its laws.

By Divine Authority with supernatural power God and God’s Son can enforce justice when law enforcement officers fail to.

Divine Authority with supernatural power God and God’s Son can minister and communicate to the world in tongues using omniscience spiritual nurturing. People can still pray for healing as usual and ask God to Bless it.

Pray for the sick if there are any in groups holding hands so that no one man or women is glorified.

Upon the failure of Government beyond a reasonable doubt to uphold the laws they are sworn to uphold and protect the public trust, my purpose in this incarnation is:

1.  To give a chance to the people to impeach their leaders and restructure their governments without magical society involved and help them in doing so.

2.  To help restructure governments around the world with cultural sensitivity.

3.  To bring justice to the people after Government has failed to uphold their own laws and protect the public trust and reconstruct government without murderous magical people involved.

4. To ensure the truth is told to the public about:

  • Murderous human sacrifices performed by the Alianza a world International and Fraternal order of Mason and Teutonic Knights and other supposed Christian Knighthoods et al.
  • Exctascia military demonology mason magic
  • Murderous state moloch orgies et al,
  • Murderous masonry magical orgies,
  • Murderous Greek fraternity magical orgies
  • Murderous “Greek Mysteries” mostly fraternal and some materna
  • Murderous Wiccan support of Democracy – Government by Demons
  • Murderous wizardry in government
  • “War on Terror” as a death venue to hide human sacrifices and to pay tribute to the Carnia and the pseudo-false spirit pretending to be the pseudo-god of War.
  • “War on Drugs” as a death venue to pay tribute to the Carnia and pseudo-false spirit pretending to be the pseudo-god of War  as well as use “the Drug War” as an excuse for ethnic cleansing, horde and steal drugs, and to kill people of color and to hide human sacrifices.
  • To expose satanic pacts between Government and Organized crime and human sacrifice exchanges.
  • To expose radio telemetry and use of wavelengths by world military powers to simulate demonic voices when demonology fails.
  • To expose how the military could use demonology or radio signals to control children that worshiped Satan to kill the citizenry.
  • Statistical awareness.  The use of statistical bureaus to account for murders and human sacrifices in all wizard “death venues.”
  • To confirm the genocide by commandant Marcos in Chiapas Mexico and injustices in Mexico and the World as led by the Holy Spirit.
  • To confirm the Twin Trade Tower Bombings as a George Bush Jr. German CIA human sacrifice that killed American special agents and an international community and intended to begin the ethnic cleansing of the United States of America through the new Department of Homeland Security top secret special operations units and make George Bush Jr. America’s first King.

5.  To insure prayer in school is structured, and ordered so all faiths can worship God in their cultural manner.

6. To uphold laws concerning equality, human rights, perfect human rights, women’s rights, children rights, the rights of animals, develop education in all areas,

7. To develop third world countries and elevate education for them that the supposed cream of society from democratic nations, theocracies, dictatorships and monarchies have for years taken advantage of and failed to do.

8. To set new precedence in news media and the Internet.

9. To train the new world leaders and governments how to protect themselves from wizard infiltration and body doubles in the future.

9. We aim to do this by creating our own news Media as an example to follow.  We are only partially beginning in our media plans and have a long way to go.

10. To make money writing books, making movies or being in the Fashion business.  God may funnel money to me any way God desires so I can work on our mission.  God will bless me with whatever I need to finish my work on this earth for this incarnation.

May God Bless and be pleased with the judgment for which I take all responsibility.

– Jose Maria Chavira Adagio I

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